• Health Benefits of Purple Corn (Chicha)

    Experience the popular Peruvian beverage of Chicha Morada and gain the health benefits at the same time. Discover why incorporating this Peruvian ingredient into your supplement routine is essential. Peru boasts an abundance of healthy and flavorful ingredients deeply ingrained in its culinary traditions, among which chicha powder stands out as a nourishing and delicious superfood derived from Peruvian purple corn. Native to Peru since Incan times, purple corn features prominently in the country's cuisine, offering versatility in dishes, desserts, and beverages while also providing a wealth of nutrients vital for overall health.  



  • Could yerba mate be a superfood?

    Yerba mate, hailed as a potential superfood, is celebrated for its plethora of health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, it shields cells and offers advantages ranging from bolstering the immune system to preventing cardiovascular diseases and slowing aging. Its ability to regulate cholesterol, boost "good" cholesterol, and provide essential B-complex vitamins and potassium supports heart health and optimal bodily functions. With stimulating yet calming properties, yerba mate enhances cognitive functions, exhibits neuroprotective qualities, and aids in detoxification and inflammation reduction. Beyond physical benefits, it contributes to emotional well-being, combating depression and fostering a positive communal experience. Overall, yerba mate emerges as a versatile superfood with holistic health and wellness advantages.
  • How to prepare a good mate tea?

    All you need to know about preparing maté in a gourd.